Dan Rawsthorne 2017 Scrum 3.0 Washington D.C. Conference Speakers

Dan Rawsthorne

PhD, PMP, CST, Chief Scientist and Senior Agility Instructor

Dan Rawsthorne has developed software in an agile way since 1983. He has worked in many different domains, from e-commerce to military avionics. He has a PhD in Mathematics (number theory), is a retired Army Officer, and a Professional Bowler and Coach. Dan is very active in the Agile/Scrum community and speaks quite often at conferences and seminars. He is a transformation agent, coaching Organizations to become more successful through agility. His non-software background has helped him immeasurably in his coaching: his formal training in mathematics guides him to look for underlying problems rather than focus on surface symptoms; his military background helps him understand the importance of teamwork and empowerment; and his work with bowlers has helped him understand that coaching is a two-way street.

Doug Shimp 2017 Scrum 3.0 Washington D.C. Conference Speakers

Doug Shimp

CST, Senior Agility Instructor and President of 3Back

Doug Shimp has worked in the technology field since 1992 and has played many key roles on software teams, including Coder, Tester, Analyst, Team Leader, Manager, Coach, and Consultant. Doug’s passion is for team learning to improve product development, and he is a leader in the area of Agile/Scrum transitions and applied practices. He believes that the core basis for applied agility is that ‘You must see the result for it to be real; otherwise it is all just theory…’ Much of his experience with teamwork and agility comes from outside the software field, including an earlier career as an owner/manager of a painting company – which enabled him to learn about small-team dynamics in a very hands-on way.