Why Scrum H

Why ScrumH

We make sense of the world through mental models, not just accumulating facts. Mental models help us recognize patterns. A good model allows us to see different things every time we look at it! The best mental models are simple, flexible, and open enough to capture complex situations  and encourage us to see more, and ask better questions.” – Marc Applebaum, PhD

ScrumH is a tool to help you make better decisions about improving your organization. Our goal is to ease understanding so that you can make better decisions about how to improve people, work, and organizational structure. Spend your energy solving your problems, not thinking about how to apply a process framework!

ScrumH is the world’s first scale-ready development framework that has leverages the fractal nature of single-team scrum so that each step on your improvement pathway is small and easy to understand and implement. Complex Problems require teams and ScrumH is a tool to help you understand the teams you have and the teams you need.

A good development framework should not overwhelm thinking; it should augment it. We have developed ScrumH as a tool to help you understand the variants of Scrum found in common practice while simplifying the approach to scaling-↑↓.


Dan and  Doug,